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What to bring

It is important to note that the total weight allowance for the plane is 900 lbs. So taking into account that the average person weighs about 150 lbs x 5 passengers = 750 lbs. That leaves us with 150 lbs total for luggage or 25 to 30 lbs apiece. So pack light! Obviously there is no electricity… just a little solar for charging batteries, but no washers or dryers.

1. Poncho
2. Personal supplies (toothpaste, bio degradable shampoo etc)
3. Natural bug repellent
4. Swimming clothes
5. Sandals for around camp
6. Rubber boots (can be bought in Quito or Baños)
7. Malaria prophylactic medicine
8. Hat and Sunglasses
9. Umbrella
10. Good quality binoculars
11. Lightweight fast drying clothes
12. Flashlight
13. Camera

VOUNTEER OPP0RTUNITY. The volunteer must be a biologist or a naturalist and be able to make a one year commitment. The volunteer position would be able to stay part of the time at El Monte Sustainable Lodge, www.ecuadorcloudforest.com in the cloud forest of Mindo and will go into Yasuni National Park when there are tours going in with Otobo's Amazon Safari, www.rainforestcamping.com The volunteer will be working in Yasuni National Park helping a Huaorani family clan in eco-tourism.

VISIT www.ecuadorcloudforest.com

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