All of the tours to Otobo`s Amazon Safari are tailor-made. This is to say that probably no two tours are exactly the same. The tours run from 4 nights-5 days to 7 nights-8 days or more. We generally run only 1 tour per month.

Arrival Options


Arrival to Otobo`s main campsite Boanamo could be by a 1 hour flight from Shell-Puyo to Bameno. Bameno is a small Huaorani community located about 2 hours by motorized canoe from Otobo`s main campsite and community Boanamo.

Motorized Canoe

Arrival to Boanamo (main campsite) could be by a flight to Coca, followed by a 2- hour taxi ride to the Rio Shiripuno bridge, and then 3 hours downstream by motorized canoe and camp at the 1st motorized canoe to arrive to Boanamo. campsite. The next morning would be about 7 hours by

Departure Options


Departure from the main campsite Boanamo by motorized canoe for 2 hours, arrival to Bameno followed by a 1 hour flight to Shell-Puyo.

Motorized Canoe

This departure would include about 7 hours by motorized canoe to a campsite along the Rio Shiripuno. Camp. And then about 2 hours to the Rio Shiripuno bridge and then 2 hours by taxi to Coca.


In general, the cost for Otobo`s Amazon Safari is $200 per night per person. This includes all camping equipment... tents, air mattresses, sheets, pillows, towels. And all meals, bilingual naturalist guide, Huaorani guide, all motorized canoe and paddle canoe transport and entrance fees.

Small aircraft prices from Shell-Puyo to Bameno are $770 per flight. These aircraft can carry 5 guests.

Please don`t hesitate to ask, and we can send you a breakdown in cost, and some sample itineraries based on your specific needs or preferences.

Wildlife Photos by Pete Oxford And Reneé Bish
Culure and adventure Images by Mark Eddy

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